Behind the Pins


Since my family is made-up of a Wedding Planner, a Wedding Photographer, a Bridal Hair stylist, an Interior Designer, and a Entrepreneur in Cosmetics--it's safe to say we're the girliest girls on earth.  I'm at around 20 weddings a year.  As the third of four fabulous sisters (the Kardashians have nothing on us)--I must say, it seems we're born and bred for the wedding business.
Maybe some of the greatest stylist were their own best clients early-on.  In college I found out my hair was especially thick when a Locks-for-Love supporter once took down my pony-tail and told me that my hair would make three wigs.  I figured if doing my hair once was like doing three heads worth, at 22 I had a jump-start on experience!


I have a sense for when a woman loves the way her hair is turning out and I just love watching a bride grow more confidant as her style is accentuated and she sees her bridal hair come together perfectly.


Whether my brides prefer to prep  with Mimosas and a silk robe, or Starbucks and yoga pants I'm always on time, triple prepared, ready and able to calmly work the bride's hair to meet her every expectation.  I believe that professionalism and experience are key to making a bride's perfect day, just that: perfect.


Cheers Girls--we'll do some test hair at your place or my home studio, then I'll see you the morning of--you pick the place :)